Comprehensive Wine Compliance

Comprehensive Wine Compliance

WineTask is a full-service one-stop wine compliance and consulting company for the alcoholic beverage industry. We provide wine compliance services for wineries, wine and distilled spirit manufacturers, brewing companies, importers, wholesalers, distributors, virtual wineries and retailers. Whether you are just starting or are an established company, if you are in the wine or alcoholic beverage distribution business, we certainly can help you.


From TTB permits to home state compliance, out-of-state shipping licenses, wine direct shipping permits, price posting, brand registration, label approval and more, WineTask takes care of all the licensing paperwork and reporting hassle, so you can focus on growing your business.


We tailor our wine compliance services to your needs, and provide a full understanding of wine and alcoholic beverage industry compliance rules and regulations as well as updated wine shipping compliance regulations. We work both on retainer for ongoing compliance or project-by-project basis – no compliance project is too big or too small.


Our Wine Compliance Process

We start with a complimentary consultation to define your alcohol/wine compliance needs. Then we setup a plan to guarantee timely action, from federal and state wine licensing to wine shipping and tax reporting compliance – with absolutely no billing surprises.


For detailed information, view our wine compliance services. We look forward to helping you with your wine and alcohol compliance needs. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary consultation: 415-871-0545 or

Claudia Zimmermann - Wine compliance consultant

Claudia Zimmermann, Wine Compliance Expert

WineTask Founder & Owner, Resident Expert On Wine Compliance, Wine Shipping Regulations, Federal and State Permits

Wine compliance expert Claudia Zimmermann has more than ten years of dedicated experience in the alcoholic beverages industry. With a unique combination of experience and skill set, Claudia focuses on assessment and improvement of a company's wine/alcohol compliance needs, providing a clear and efficient strategy to minimize non-compliant situations and penalties.


Originally from Mendoza, Argentina's wine-producing region, Claudia earned her business degree in her native country and spent several years in business administration for different companies. She moved to the United States to work for FORT Systems, a wine industry-focused software company.


As FORT's Operations Manager, she focused on three-tier wine compliance and reporting. She also gained experience handling regulations governing alcoholic beverage transactions in the United States, from wine shipping laws to state wine compliance.


Claudia went on to work as Compliance Manager for two wine-industry leaders, American Wine Distributors, and The Winetasting Network. At these companies, she polished her expertise in all levels of alcohol/wine compliance: direct-to-trade, three-tier shipping, and wine direct-to-consumer.


Throughout her 10+ years of experience, Claudia has researched and successfully resolved compliance issues across a wide range of companies and complex circumstances, including:


  • TTB and home state permits (for wineries, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers)
  • Out-of-state permits
  • Wine direct shipping licenses
  • Three-tier shipping Federal label review and approvals
  • Brand registrations
  • Price postings
  • Distributor contracts and territory assignments
  • Monthly shipping reports (excise tax, sales tax, shipping reports)
  • And more...

    A true expert on alcohol and wine compliance, Claudia's firm grasp on the complexity of beverage transactions, wine shipping compliance, licensing and reporting, as well as the professioanl relationships developed with Federal and State regulatory agencies, brought her to the role of independent consultant. Using her experience and industry contacts, Claudia created WineTask to help a wide range of companies navigate the alcohol and wine compliance regulatory environment in the US. She is looking forward to helping you next.