Your Guide To Wine Compliance

Your Guide To Wine Compliance

For Wineries, Wine Direct Shippers, Wine Direct-To-Consumer

Whether for winery licensing, wine direct shipping, or out-of-state wine shipping, compliance with federal and state alcoholic beverage regulations is vital to success – and complicated. Without an expert wine compliance guide, you may lose time, money, even your licenses.


Wine Compliance In All Situations

The world of alcoholic beverage compliance is dynamic; regulatory changes create trickle-down effects on logistics, and one little mistake can create many different types of problems: fines, shipment delays, even license forfeits.

Whether you are just starting or are an established company in the wine or alcoholic beverages manufacture/distribution business, wine compliance needs demand an experienced and efficient guide.


WineTask has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes: wineries, wine direct shippers, wine importers, alcoholic beverages wholesalers and much more. With 10+ years of industry experience, WineTask's compliance services can solve your current compliance issues while proactively preventing further problems, protecting your business and allowing you to do what you do best. Even big companies with compliance departments can benefit from the insight of an expert with diverse experience. The solution is clear: contact WineTask today]for all your wine shipping licensing and reporting needs.

Why Choose WineTask?

  • Alcohol & wine compliance is our sole focus, we stay up-to-date on wine shipping laws and regulations.
  • Timely and accurate wine compliance service with a competitive fee structure.
  • We work with all levels in the alcoholic beverages industry: wineries, wine and alcoholic beverages importers and wholesalers, online retailers, three-tier, wine direct-to-consumer, etc.
  • Our nationwide expertise in wine compliance regulations can help you grow your business into new markets.
  • Online access to all your wine direct shipping and wholesale shipping reports and the flexibility to work with the system you are already using.
  • A tailored service with a personable experience.